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Packing plant, controlled atmosphere and cooling.


Grupo Premier have a clear misión and compromiso with the National Producers develop, for that reason, in 2011 began a proyect of Controlled Atmosphere infrastructure in Cuauhtémoc City, Chihuahua. Actually, this Project its a reality, initiating this year with a 6 Controlled Atmosphere chambers, with a capacity to 11,000 drawers-pallets, and 4 Conventional Atmosphere Chambers with a 7,200 drawers-pallets capacity.



With the experience of 35 years trading with the best farm products, Grupo Premier offer chanels of distribution to his producers in the principal points of supling of the country, with direct POS in: Culiacan  Sinaloa, Mexico City, Guadalajara Jalisco, Monterrey Nuevo Leon, Tijuana B. C. and Ciudad Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua.

This strategic position allow us to perform in a eficient and rentable way, the distribution of our fruits and vegetables for all the National territory.

In adittion of the traditional markets, we count with high specialized staff in sales atention of the principal stores of self-service, nationally.


Culiacán, Sin.

Modulo N Bodega 12, Mercado de abastos C.P. 80290.

Tel        (667) 718 2333


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Monterrey, N.L.

Av. Los Angeles 1000 Bodega 345 Mdo. de Abastos Estrella
C.P. 66482
San Nicolás de los Garza, N.L.

Tel        (81) 8351 5240
             (81) 8331 7079
Ventas  (81) 8351 2252

Ciudad de México.

Bodega Q165 
Zona V Sector 5 Nave 4 
Central de Abasto 
Iztapalapa, Cd. de México C.P. 09040
Tel        (55) 5640 4333

Bodega R26
Zona V Sector V Crujia 1 
Central de Abasto 
Iztapalapa, Cd. de México C.P. 09040
Tel        (55) 5600 6511
             (55) 5600 6579

Cuauhtémoc Chih.

Belisario Chávez No 38 Col. Ex Agrícola San Antonio, Cd. Cuauhtémoc, Chih. C.P. 31510

Tel        (625) 581 0933
             (625) 581 0304